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Nikola Tesla – Little Thinker – Plush Doll


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Nikola tesla was a serbian-american scientist, inventor, and polyglot. Born in croatia to serbian parents, one an inventor, the other a priest, he studied at the university of prague before immigrating to the usa. Though tesla was famous in his lifetime (he was a friend of mark twain and received a massive public funeral at the cathedral of saint john the divine in new york) after his death he faded from the public eye. Some of his work was even misattributed to other inventors with better pr.

Edison, marconi, and others may have gotten all the glory, but recently nikola tesla’s star has been ascendant – especially now that science and the public are catching up to the once-eccentric ideas of this visionary, mad scientist, and natty dresser. Now tesla can keep you company in an intense-yet-cuddly version that measures approximately 12″ standing. And he’s still a natty dresser. The list of tesla’s experiments, inventions, and hundreds of patents reads like the plot points of an amazing science fiction movie: electromagnetism ac power fluorescent lights earthquake machine x-rays steam engine helicopterplane radio waves from space dynamo electric machine teleforce beam ship’s log valvular conduit fluid propulsion pyromagneto electric generator apparatus for aerial transportation . . . And, of course, the tesla coil.

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  • From the unemployed philosophers guild. Don’t worry. We are employed, just not as philosophers. Upg is a small, brooklyn based company specializing in gifts for the sophisticated gift giver. Click on our brand name near the product title on this page for more presents of mind.


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